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  The Scouting Way (2001)
Book and E-mail Newsletter (over 10,000 subscribers) featuring inspirational, true-life stories from CEOs, political and military leaders, athletes, and everyday people living with Scouting values.
  1calendar.net (2000)
Universal calendar/addressbook translator. Downloads web content to web and PC-based calendars and addressbooks - instantly and without typing. Supports both HTML and WAP interfaces.
  KidsCal (1999)
Uses SuperCalendar calendar engine and database. Designed as a fundraiser for schools.
  SuperCalendar (1998)
The first graphical web calendar. Supports both HTML and WAP interfaces.
  HangUps! (1998)
The first family of removable, interchangeable, office organizers designed for mounting on vertical surfaces such as computer monitors. Acquired by AIP Products.
  Remarkable Moments (1993)
The first sports, historical, and entertainment collectibles combining high-end printed posters and audio microelectronics. Acquired by PSC Sports.
  TECHS International (1988)
Published the Technical Encyclopedia of Computer Hardware and Software (TECHS), the first multi-vendor technical support database for PCs and LANs. Acquired by Ziff-Davis.